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Jeff Nock Provides Cash Flow Management Advice During a Company’s Startup Years

Jeff Nock, a leadership and business development consultant, offers five tips.  Jeff Nock is an internationally recognized executive and consultant with expertise in developing startups, small and mid-cap companies, and nonprofit organizations. His expertise has helped many companies create cash flow management plans and initiatives. As someone who has accumulated experience developing and implementing cash flow […]

Jeff Nock - Growth of Social Entrepreneurship

Jeff Nock Iowa Discusses the Value of Social Entrepreneurship as Part of a Business’s ESG Design

Jeff Nock discusses Social Entrepreneurialism & Coronavirus   IOWA CITY, IA / iCrowdNewswire / April 2, 2020 / Jeff Nock, Iowa business consultant and CEO and Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, discusses the importance of social entrepreneurship (i.e. microfinance/lending, corporate volunteerism, charitable involvement, etc.) in these trying pandemic times. This discussion is more important than ever […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock highlights importance of real-time feedback vs traditional annual reviews

Business expert Jeff Nock demonstrates the importance of real-time, ongoing feedback versus once-a-year performance reviews. The employee performance review process is undergoing a massive, important evolution. Companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Adobe, and GE are eliminating annual performance reviews in favor of real-time feedback processes. This, Jeff Nock believes is because real-time feedback is a much better way […]

Jeff Nock Discusses the Importance of Flexible Focus for Startups

Business Consultant, Jeff Nock has demonstrated fundamental leadership qualities over the years in various positions, improving both small-scale businesses and larger corporations. Jeff Nock shares insight on the balancing act of staying focused while being flexible. When you’re ready to launch your new company, things are exciting, but also there’s always the concern that maybe […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock promotes business maturity through process identification and documentation

Business consultant and marketing expert Jeff Nock explains the importance of process identification and documentation in business maturity.   Jeff Nock, an experienced business consultant based in Iowa City, Iowa, runs through several key stages of so-called business maturity as he explains more about the topic and the importance of process identification and documentation in […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock simplifies SWOT analysis process

Skilled in sales, marketing, and strategic planning, business consultant Jeff Nock breaks down the SWOT analysis process.   By making time for periodic SWOT analyses, businesses are able to maintain a longer-term view of their potential opportunities, as well as possible pitfalls and threats. That’s according to business consultant Jeff Nock as he provides a […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Revisits Best Ways to Scale a Business

Leading business consultant Jeff Nock, from Iowa City, Iowa, reveals the best ways to successfully scale a new or existing business. With a demonstrated history of successfully growing companies ranging from startups and nonprofits to established companies with national and international operations, Jeff Nock has spoken at length about how best to scale a business, the concept […]

Jeff Nock Reveals how to Create a Channel Strategy

Business consultant Jeff Nock, based in Iowa City, Iowa, explains the basics of creating an effective channel strategy Loosely defined, channel strategy is how a company gets its product or service through their business process to the customer. For example, if a company produces a physical product and sells that product to individual consumers, they […]