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Jeff Nock Iowa: Improving Creativity on Virtual Teams

 Fostering the Creative Spirit Is Possible, but Challenging in New Environment, says Jeff Nock Iowa Creativity thinking is a critical factor in the ability of a company to succeed over the long term. An Adobe study shows that companies that foster creativity that results in new and evolving products and services experience faster revenue growth and […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock explains Social Entrepreneurialism amid the Coronavirus

Jeff Nock, Iowa business consultant and CEO and Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, discusses the importance of social entrepreneurship (i.e. microfinance/lending, corporate volunteerism, charitable involvement, etc.) in these trying pandemic times. This discussion is more important than ever considering our challenging times. Jeff Nock, Iowa based consultant has enjoyed successfully helping businesses of all sizes for over […]

Jeff Nock

Jeff Nock Provides Cash Flow Management Advice During a Company’s Startup Years

Jeff Nock, a leadership and business development consultant, offers five tips.  Jeff Nock is an internationally recognized executive and consultant with expertise in developing startups, small and mid-cap companies, and nonprofit organizations. His expertise has helped many companies create cash flow management plans and initiatives. As someone who has accumulated experience developing and implementing cash flow […]

Jeff Nock Discusses the Importance of Flexible Focus for Startups

Business Consultant, Jeff Nock has demonstrated fundamental leadership qualities over the years in various positions, improving both small-scale businesses and larger corporations. Jeff Nock shares insight on the balancing act of staying focused while being flexible. When you’re ready to launch your new company, things are exciting, but also there’s always the concern that maybe […]

Jeff Nock - Startup Entrepreneur Needs

Business Consultant, Jeff Nock Discusses the Mindset a Startup Entrepreneur Needs

CEO and Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, Jeff Nock is an experienced executive, consultant, and world-class leader who has demonstrated a history of growing startups, nonprofits and established companies. He is skilled in areas such as business planning, the strategic planning process, leadership development, financial modeling/budget leadership, marketing/brand management, business development, and presentation development. He […]